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Useful Information about Swimming Pool Chemicals

home design Useful Information about Swimming Pool Chemicals

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All the swimming pool owners want to keep the water of their pool clean and clear. This is why; nowadays in most of the swimming pools high quality chemicals are used so that the water remain disinfected and keep on sparkling. Usually, these days a wide variety of swimming pool chemicals can be found in the market. But all of them may not be that effective enough to sanitize your pool water. There is no doubt in the fact that chlorine is one of the most useful chemical treatments, which kill the harmful bacteria and keeps the water of the pool crystal clear.

Chlorine mainly comes in 2 formats- in tablets and in granular. These chlorine granules are first scattered on to the water surface then the chlorine tablets are placed in the skimmer basket where it can be slowly dissolved for a week. Chlorine can be stabilized as well as un-stabilized. Un-stabilized chlorine is also called shock chlorine.

On the other hand, algaecides are added to the water solely in order to kill algae. Usually, algaecides are of two forms-regular and longlife. Long life algaecides is one type of water treatment and it consists of copper whereas, regular algaecides does not contain any copper. So, if you do not want to use copper then you need to use this regular algaecides. Not only keeping the pool water clean, your goal should also be to maintain the right pH balance or acidity level in your water.

In most of the swimming pools, small particles could be found but they are so small that they cannot be seen so easily. Still these particles can make the water look cloudy. So, in order to clear out the water from these unwanted particles you need to use clarifiers. These are special chemicals used for gathering those tiny particles. Though nowadays a number of chemicals remain available in the market it is always better to test them before applying in the pool water. This is because; lack of precaution may cause serious damage to the water. Since change in color indicates chemical levels, after using these chemicals you should also check out if color changes are taking place or not.

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@ Jul 13, 2011

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