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In order to spruce up the overall appearance of home, it does not necessarily take a complete and total home renovation. Many times, homeowners associate making even the slightest renovations with sky high costs. Newsflash, that isn't always the case. You will not believe what even something like some stylish but relatively cheap stair treads can do for a set of stairs. In fact, there are proven inexpensive ways to make improvements to your home. Below are a few ideas.

Consider Stone Countertops

Stone countertops can prove to be a simple yet effective way to add both beauty and detail to your home. It does so by providing a certain air of sophistication to your place, similarly to the way marble does an average kitchen counter. Stone countertops possess that same ability. There is an average $2,500 charged to the homeowner who is looking to install such beauty. However, that large sum can be deducted significantly if the homeowner chooses to install a stone countertop of a square edge opposed to a stone countertop of bullnose detail or curved designed. The rate is higher when the latter is chosen because generally the complexity of the profile requires much more polishing and grinding, and as this is done by hand, laborers tend to charge more for their labor.

In addition to avoiding the curved detail when choosing stone countertops, it is also advised to avoid colors that are of a blue hue. This is because blue colors costs as much as three times the cost of stone countertops done in a gray finish, a white finish, a black finish, as well as other assorted earthy tones. Also, consider visiting a stone yard to look for pieces for installation jobs that are smaller. Slicing granite for the stone countertops can run a little high, but finding that granite within the remnants of previous stone jobs can literally cut your price in half.

Consider Professional Styled Appliances

Sounds expensive? Guess again. Professional styled appliances are much easier to own these days than ever before and at a significantly lower price than it had been initially. In fact, a proven way to find these professional appliances are through the use of recycling centers for the intent and use of house parts, specifically those centers located in zip codes that include a lot of those who are wealthy. It has been proven that through the use of these centers, appliances from Viking to Sub Zero can be found at these locations. These appliances can range from cooking tops, ranges, vent hoods, warming drawers, and wine fridges. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? That's all that matters.

Consider Paneled Wainscoting

Wainscoting of a customized variety, specifically wood-paneled, can cost as much as $6,000, maybe even more. The price itself should be enough to scare the average homeowner away, whether it is a good home improvement technique, or whether it is not. However, it should be known that it is very possible for a carpenter to achieve that same look for half of the price. As long as there is stock moldings that are well-placed involved in the installation. Is it worth your investment now? Probably.

Posted by : Corey Palmer
@ Dec 13, 2010

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