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Guide to Decorating Your Home with Chinese Hanging Lanterns

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home design Guide to Decorating Your Home with Chinese Hanging Lanterns

Warm, lovely lighting is one of the key things which make a home welcoming. Chinese hanging lanterns for sale from reputable online retailers are one of the most affordable yet pretty lighting options available – these days they come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your individual preferences, and many also feature LED light bulbs which are safer than the traditional candles used.

The following guide offers key decorating know-how to have Chinese lanterns adding wonderful charm to your home.

Settle on the Areas Where Your Home Needs Added Cheer

wedding lanterns

First, move around your home and take note of the areas where you want additional lighting – not only functional areas where a white Chinese lantern will be just the ticket for bright light, but dull areas or places where people gather which could use some extra cheer in the form of coloured lanterns.

Bear in mind that Chinese hanging lanterns are made from paper, plastic or silk. The paper variety needs to be indoors or covered at all times or it will get ruined. For outdoor use, opt for plastic or silk lanterns.

Bear in mind, particularly for outdoor use, that Chinese lanterns which are fitted with a bulb socket will need a power cord attached to them - be sure there are electrical outlets in the vicinity so you don’t end up with messy cords lying about.

Think Colour Co-ordination and Size


Now that you’ve decided how many Chinese lanterns you need, give thought to the size and complimentary colours to buy. As a tip, blues and greens are soothing colours, harmonious colours; orange and yellow are cheerful and encourage sociability; red is the way forward to convey a celebratory mood (and is also considered lucky in Chinese culture), while white is associated with purity.

When it comes to size, lanterns range from 6 to 42 inches or larger. If the lantern is to stand on its own then you’ll want a large one, whereas if you plan to creatively string them up together on a cord then choose the smaller sizes (for an eclectic look you can hang lanterns in differentsizes).

String Them Up

Chinese lanterns are manufactured to be conveniently fitted around light bulbs that hang from the ceiling. For other areas, simply hang ceiling hooks wherever you want additional lighting – you can choose from metal, adhesive or suction-cup ceiling hooks. Another key indoor areato hang lanterns would be from railings.

For outdoor placement, you can string the lanterns up on a cord attached to the fence, or simply hang them from trees and bushes or the roof.

Safety Tips

If you have small children or boisterous pets, do not buy the traditional lanterns which use a candle, since an accidental fire would be all too easy if the little ones tamper with the lantern or accidentally knock it over. Likewise, candle operated lanterns are not a good idea for outdoor use as a sudden wind could cause them to flame up.

Never use light bulbs over 45 watts in paper lanterns as this could cause a fire. Also make sure that the bulbs do not touch any part of the tissue paper.


Chinese hanging lanterns for sale from reputable online retailers allow you a range of choices to suit your individual needs and tastes. Get creative with the areas you hang them in and you will see your home instantly transformed into an enchanting ...
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