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Locksmiths Are Now More Than Just a KeyCutting Service

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Every person you meet must have a key story. They locked themselves out of their house or they broke the house key trying to start the car with it or have many keys that sometimes it becomes too much work just trying to locate which keys open which door. If you have ever had any lock problems, you know why having the number to your nearest locksmith comes in handy.

Locksmiths can be your knight in shining armor or the devil incarnate depending on what they do with your problem when they arrive. That is why you ought to know why competent locksmiths are important.

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When going about this business of finding a competent locksmith, one can do so by:

Getting Recommendations

Getting a locksmith recommended to you is probably the best way to get a reliable one to come and handle your issue. Recommendations are excellent because they have the reputation of the locksmith and the person who recommended them at stake and no one want their reputation tarnished.

Checking their Qualification

You do not want to have a poorly qualified locksmith working on a very important component of your personal or property’s security and also for the sake of your privacy. Their expertise ought to be the same with the issue at hand. You do not want a locksmith that deals with auto keys to come and do the locks on your house doors nor have your locks done by someone with a criminal record. This can be done by checking the locksmith’s credentials against the records at the bodies that deal with lock smiths like the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA) who have a list of around 1,000 members and provide a locksmiths search facility.

Their location

It does not make sense to order for the services of a locksmith two states away or even another country away when you can get a local locksmith is able to sort you unless you have that kind of money, then go ahead and get a locksmith from wherever. Get a locksmith who is nearby you can visit www.thelockboss.com.au for details as that would be more affordable and easy to do follow-ups in case problems reoccur after the problem has been solved.

Hours of operation

So your keys break in the middle of the night and insist on calling a locksmith who works up to 2000hrs is very pointless. Knowing the operational times of the locksmith will help you to know who to contact and when. It is preferable to have the 24hr locksmith on speed dial as they are better place to come through.


There is no need to call a lock smith to come and work on your garage door and another to come and deal with your car door. It makes perfect sense to have a locksmith who is able to work on all locks irrespective of the location of the lock.

So you have a competent locksmith, what next? Locksmiths can offer more than just help when one has locked themselves either in when they want to go out or our when the want to get in.

Locksmith can be used in duplication of existent keys. You have a single key and you are leaving and there is no place of exchange with whomever is being left behind and you do not want to leave the door keys under the door mat or garden vase, you can have the locksmith to duplicate the key and have the other person(s) have theirs.

Locksmiths can also be used to save you the trouble of walking around with a bunch of keys for everything that has a lock in your possession. They can be used to cut a universal key that opens all your locks or change all your locks to be opened by one key.

The locksmith can also be used when in changing and performing maintenance of locks in the case of one moving into new premises or moving into a house that has not had their locks checked in a while to avoid a correct key not being able to open the door for which it was supposed to have opened.

They can also come in handy when it comes to car ignition issues like keys breaking in the ignition or a wrong key being jammed into the ignition and causing complications. They are the people to be called when you want this issue resolved.

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